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Learning from Students

posted Feb 13, 2012, 6:32 AM by Kathleen Peters   [ updated Feb 13, 2012, 8:23 AM ]
I recently wrapped up a class on landscape felting.  Typical to my personality, I made a fairly straightforward picture of some woods and a stonewall: "A New England Wood."  

And while I like concrete pictures, I did have a student who was a bit nervous about her ability as a craftsman.  I pointed out to her that she didn't have to copy my style, but that she could bring something else for inspiration.  She brought a book of Monet's work.  Now, typically, I don't gravitate toward impressionistic work, but her piece came out famously!  It suddenly occurred to me that I might actually like some impressionist work.  While I don't like it all, I did manage to find some that I like when I actually sat down to look at it.  I realized that color has a lot to do with whether I like the work or not. Here are some that I like:


This one just seems so bright and cheerful!

California impressionist landscape oil painting - Spring poppies - Hillside Bouquet -- Karen Winters
                                                        Karen Winters
                                                        And Karen Winters painting seems so serene.  

Michele Ratel's painting
                                                            Michele Ratel
And I love the space and distance this one evokes.  

Lilypond, Monet
                                                            Monet's lilyponds seem so quiet.

And when I looked back at my own landscapes in felt with a critical eye, it seemed clear to me that they are not as "clean lined" as I originally thought.  My world suddenly became a little larger.  I now realize that I sometimes learn as much from my classes as my students do!