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* Prints available upon request.

Ferns and a Beech Leaf, Oils 28"x22" 

Waterlilies, Oils 28"x22"

Great Blue Heron and Beaver Diptych, Oils 72"x24"

Indian Pipes, Oils 9"x12"

Three Daffodils, oils 4"x4" each

Clark Pond Plein Air, oils 12"x9"

Painted Trilliums, pastel 16"x12"

Pink Spring, oils 4"x4"each

Nasturtiums, oils 20"x 16"

Three Pears, oils 10"x 10"

Red Breasted Nuthatch
Red-breasted Nuthatch, pastel 12"x 16"

Darren's Fruit Bowl, pastel 16"x12"

Hiking at Dusk
Hiking at Dusk - pastel 16"x12"

Grandma's Seascape
Grandma's Seascape - pastel 10"x8"

Common Redpoll - pen and ink, watercolor 7"x 5"

Carolina Wren - pen and ink, watercolor 7" x 5"

Red Breasted Grosbeak - pen and ink, watercolor 7" x 5"

Red Breasted Nuthatch - pen and ink, watercolor 7"x5"

East Quoddy Lighthouse - watercolor 14" x 10"