Felting After Bedrest

Post date: Jul 27, 2011 9:10:17 AM

I recently had my third child, Darren James, after a very long five months of complete bedrest. While I was on bedrest, I was unable to felt much, though I did squeak out a handful of needle felted Christmas ornaments like this one.

Really, my ornaments were more cute than exceptional, but I did enjoy making them. What I did do during bedrest and my recovery, is use watercolor pencils to document some ideas for felting in the future.

Not far from my house, there are some decent wetlands where red-winged blackbirds nest every year. Seeing the first one of the year marks the exciting moment when I realize that spring has officially arrived. I love watching them, with their glint of bold color on their wings. I love the way they flash as they fly. I love the way they balance on grasses, reeds and cattails, which seemingly are too delicate to hold them.

About six weeks after Darren was born, I was taking an early morning walk and found myself walking through the woods near my home. I came across a little pond next to Canaan Street Lake and for the first time, I saw a male red-winged blackbird displaying and dancing for a female. It was really beautiful to watch him strut his stuff - with his wings all blazing. Perched on a cattail, he would lean his head down, open his wings and shake them a bit for the female about 10 feet away. Shortly, a beautiful chasing-sort-of-dance happened between the two of them as they darted among the trees and tall grasses. This is the first piece that I felted after Darren was born.