Felting Class Finale!

Post date: Jun 11, 2009 5:45:54 PM

"As a first time felter, Kathleen made me instantly comfortable with the idea that I could easily accomplish and conquer the techniques. I really appreciated her explanations of the science behind the art form and loved the little history lessons. The relaxed atmosphere and the small class size were perfect for me. I hope that Kathleen will offer a felted sculpture class soon!

The peaceful country setting, the fiddle music, and the easy laughter made this easily one of the best classes I have taken."

- Amy Thurber

"This is one of the most fun classes I have taken. Felting was fun and much easier than I thought it would be, I love the way you can work it up and make corrections. Getting textured appearances was very easy and it all moved quickly along. Kathleen is very informative and patient in her teaching. I would take this class again with joy!"

- Candi Canton

These are two of the glowing comments I received from students who took my first felting class in Canaan, NH. I was quite pleased with the outcome of the class. The work of the felters surpassed my expectations and we had a blast making felt. Their enthusiasm and intereste in the entire process made this class a treat to teach.

My husband, John, was wonderful in helping me to make this class a reality - performing the entire bedtime routine (with my 1 year old daughter and 3 year old son) four nights in two weeks! He also allowed me to open our home for the class and topped it off by frying us all pancakes for dinner on the last night. What a saint! Thank you, John!