Nature Evoked in Fiber

Post date: Jun 09, 2009 2:17:48 PM

Most of my work is intended to evoke the feelings of calm experienced by romping around in the woods here at my home in NH. The last couple of weeks, I have been hiking a bit. It is refreshing to finally shed the winter scales and submerge myself in the waking world of bursting blossoms and excited birds. For a while now, I have been dyeing wool to felt woodland flora in an attempt to capture the first feelings of spring. Here is a basket of colors intended to be used for this project, focusing on the lady's slipper in particular.

About a week ago, I was fortunate enough to hike the Welch-Dickey trail, just outside of Plymouth, NH. I was reminded of the wonderful piny smell just below tree line -- one of my favorite smells. Wanting to hold this in my memory, I sifted through some pictures from the last couple of hikes I have taken with my family in search of those woody greens you see in the trees and mountain views. This picture was taken while camping with my husband and children in VT two weeks ago. It is coupled with some wool dyed in a color way that I thought fit perfectly.

Playing with the wool a bit, I decided to spin it up into a skein of yarn to capture the cool, quiet mood. Taking careful notes of the color mixing, I really was quite pleased with the outcome.