Pysanky Eggs

Post date: Mar 22, 2009 12:22:39 AM

When you are not able to do as much fiber as you would like to due to health issues, one must resort to other activities. Me? Pysanky eggs. I have become crazed and have found myself making pysanky eggs like mad this year. I am looking forward to Easter in a way that I have never quite before. While most people are rejoicing the resurrection, I have recently found solace in the idea that God has suffered just like we do. Somehow I am comforted by the fact that God experienced the loss of a child. For me, He has become more relatable, somehow. The pysanky eggs have all sorts of spiritual symbolism which I have found interesting. And so I have spent hours decorating eggs in a (sometimes feeble) attempt to stay focused on goodness. Here are some of the eggs that have been created by my children and me:

Having so many eggs when you have a 20 mo. daughter and a 3 yr. old son poses a problem. You don't want to just leave them in a bowl on the table where they will be grabbed by grubby little fingers. I was forced to build an egg shelf. Luckily there was some scrap pine laying down in the basement just waiting to be transformed, painted "whale" (because we had some left over from other projects) and hung on the wall. It nicely displays and protects at the same time. Very convenient!