S.R. Harris Fabric Outlet

Post date: Jul 17, 2015 2:50:7 AM

I have been living in Canaan, New Hampshire for almost a decade, but I spent ten years living in downtown Minneapolis before that. When I first moved to NH, it really only took me about two days to adjust to living in a rural setting, which was very similar to my hometown in upstate NY. I missed almost nothing about the midwest. But I did miss S.R. Harris Fabric Outlet - a 30,000 square foot textile mecca.

Over the last few years I have been sewing much more, designing my own clothing, bypassing paper patterns and going right to draping on a dress form. I have also been teaching dressing making classes. However, there are incredibly limited options for fabric in the Upper Valley, especially for apparel. And if you are looking for wool apparel knits, forget it.

Recently, my family took a road trip back across the country to attend my brother-in-law's wedding in South Dakota. For months I have been dreaming of stopping at S.R. Harris, and I finally made it!

It is a breath of fresh air as soon as you walk in.

Ahhhh. This is only one of over 50 aisles.

And I walked away with some beautiful wool knits to make myself some clothing and to use as teaching materials for my students interested in learning to use stretch fabrics.

These fabrics will make knot dresses and wrapped tops and graceful, sporty, reversible skirts like this one:

As for the rest of the trip, there was plenty of peaceful relaxation, hiking and camping in Lake Superior Provincial Park to get me all rested up for my next round teaching in the fall. Come and join me in Hanover, NH for one of my eight upcoming classes!