Sibling Craft Exchange

Post date: Aug 26, 2009 7:23:6 PM

My younger brother, Ned, is amazingly talented and creative. He can make anything, and he can make it well. Since the time I can remember, he has been creating things in his every spare moment. One of my favorite memories is sitting on his bed while watching him whittle a totem pole out of a carrot. While he was in high school, he disassembled a leaf blower to make a hover craft - which worked beautifully! He has been a tiler, cabinet maker, mason, drawer, painter, carver, and block printer. He has made snowshoes, carved walking sticks, created jewelry, made knives, built a stained glass helicopter. He made his own forge in his back yard and has been doing blacksmithing. Very few of my memories of Ned exclude creating something, and those that do are filled with conversations of what to create next.

Not surprisingly, he has chosen carpentry as a profession. Recently, Ned was visiting the East Coast helping my husband and me put an addition on our house. I had the opportunity to work with him learning the basics of framing and roofing.

Ned Veith, Laura Trombley Veith and Kathleen Peters raising the first wall.

Ned Veith and Kathleen Peters roofing the addition

During the evenings, I showed him how to felt. After a long day of physical labor, we'd kick back and needle felt on the sofa. He had his heart set on sculpting a "motorcycle dude", complete with a beer gut and leather pants. Here are his first attempts - not bad. I am voting for the addition of a cigarette and a bandanna.

Ned has returned to Seattle, and I am missing him. It was nice to have someone to work with every day and my children adored him. Seth even wanted to mail the chicken bones from supper to Ned to give his dog. I am glad my children had the opportunity to spend a few weeks with him.