Post date: May 19, 2012 12:33:50 AM

Every once in a while, something seems so ironic and noteworthy in my life that it needs to be posted here, even if it is not about fiber. It is noteworthy because it has posed a hiccup in fiber art production. Today's problem was a complete surprise! You see, one week ago, we went to pick up our sweet baby chicks.

We got a dozen of them and they are just adorable fluffy balls. They have been residing in our unfinished addition until they get a bit bigger so they don't get too cold. Usually we move them out once they start to feather out.

Well, they are now one week old and they are starting to feather out. And if you have raised chickens, you know they start to get pretty stinky - so we are starting to get prepared to boot them out.

Today, going to the coop, we found a surprise!

That is right, folks. A fox kit - coming out of its den - right under the door to the chicken coop! Could it be any more inconvenient? Nice timing! So now, I am taking a fiber respite to build a quick make-shift, and (hopefully) fox proof chicken shelter. Hopefully we don't have a slaughter on our hands. You should see those kits, though. They are so dang cute.

A fox went out on a chilly night ... praying for the moon to give her light ... she didn't have to go far that night before she chewed on the bones-o, bones-o, bones-o!