The Season of Knitting

Post date: Jan 09, 2009 7:19:22 PM

Many of you are probably wondering where on earth I have gone off to! Well, that is simple! I haven't been felting at all! I have been over in Clark, SD visiting in-laws for Christmas. And then, my husband and I spent the last week replumbing our house since the pipes burst while we were gone. Luckily, there was no flooding - but I will spare you the non-fiber details.

So what do you do when you are a fiber nut who can't transport her felting from NH to SD? You knit! This year my whole family needed hats. My daughter, is already on her 3rd hat this year. The first one (which I loved) was crocheted out of homespun and was left on the T in Boston. The second had ear flaps - and she was traumatized any timed she saw it. Imagine, an 18 mo. old who is already fashion crazed! The third hat - and hopefully last - looks splendid on her. It is made of Noro and really brings out the blue of her eyes while still matching her orange coat. Leave it to Noro to get a tasteful color scheme for that challenge! My son has a nice simple brown hat. It frames his face nicely with a rolled brim, and looks great on him when his cheeks are all ruddy from the cold! Last but not least - my husband finally has something I made for him that he wears! For years he has been telling me not to bother, he just isn't a "sweater kind of a guy"! But his head circumference is very, very large - which makes buying a good looking hat challenging. He could wear a bright orange hunting hat to work. However, he found that my hat suited that purpose a bit better. Again, Noro saved the day. It is spiced up with stripes, yet remained completely masculine.

Cora's hat Seth's hat Cora's, Seth's and John's hats

So how about a hat for me? I have been wearing the same hat for five or six years now. And I am sad about the idea of retiring it. But I did buy some yarn for a new hat and matching scarf. They will be knit in my knitting class - starting tomorrow.

Kathleen H. Peters in her favorite hat