Turning Love Into Art

Post date: Oct 08, 2012 5:46:20 PM

It is fall here in New England, and I just love fall and all that comes with it. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, hot cider, casseroles, the changing leaves, crisp air and sweater-days. Fall tends to get me to hunker down and enjoy the quietness of my home and family. I find it a time to reflect.

Today I pulled out my hand-knit wool sweaters and I remembered that wool is really a magical thing. I love the feel of it as it slips between my fingers, under the palms of my hands. I love the snugly feeling of its warmth as it hugs my shoulders. I love its smell.

Sitting with steamy coffee in a hand thrown Becca mug, I have spent some time looking for good photos for felting inspiration, and I am starting to get quite a collection stored up for this winter's work. I am not so interested in the photography as much as the memory of the day my photo was taken. Was I with my family? With a friend? Alone? Was it a jovial, raucous day? Was it peaceful?

As I looked through my pictures, I was reminded of how content I have felt this year. I have been loved by my husband. I have enjoyed watching my children play. I have great friends. I live in an amazingly beautiful place. I have felt a peace in my heart. This has been the year of refreshment and blessing. Really, I have so much inspiration from this year, I will never realize it all.

One of the most frequent subject matters for my work is Cardigan Mt, which is just up the road from me. But I have also been gleaning some photos from around Canaan too. It is nice to have photography to work with because you get enjoyment four times - first when you experience being in a place, second when you look through your photos and reexperience the emotions of a good memory, third when you enjoy the process of turning your love into felt - one fiber and a time, and lastly when you sit back and enjoy the enrichment of permanent, beautiful art in your home.

Here are some candidates. They are snapshots of a nurturing relationship with places in my life:

The field at the end of Switch Rd - I pass it many times a week.

A pond on Switch Rd - the road I take most often to get home.

A veiw from Cardigan Mt. on a day of reunion with some old college friends.

A puddle on Cardigan Mt. after a rainy week, hiking with my family and friends.

Photo by Christine Feeley. Cardigan Mt. School campus, where I frequently go running with Christine and Melissa.

Photo by Christine Feeley. A cairn built by Aaron Allen on Cardigan Mt. This is a photo taken by a friend, of a friends art, in a place I love.

Photo by Christine Feeley. Cardigan Mt.

This is a beautiful rendition of a place I love, captured by a friend.

East Quoddy Light House, New Brunswick, Canada

From a lovely vacation with my family.

Moon rising over Canaan Street Lake. Ice skating with my three children last winter. Shortly after this picture was taken it got dark and we skated up the moon path shining across the lake.