My path to becoming an artist has been very meandering, though I have always used my hands and created things.  I originally went to school to be an engineer because I wanted to gain the skills it would take to help people spontaneously perform random acts of creativity.  When I was working at 3M, I realized that, in addition to my passion for how things work, I also found myself reaching and searching for moments of beauty and calm in my everyday life.  While engineering was amazingly creative and innovative, it didn't fulfill that desire. 

I took the plunge and became a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and a member of the Cardigan Mountain Art Association.  I decided to pursue the arts through the medium of fiber.  I had worked with fiber since I was a little girl, learning to design and sew from my Grandmother at her kitchen table.  

As my art began to develop I delved into other mediums - pottery, pastels, paint, cement, wood, metal, glass, anything I could get my hands on.  Like engineering, I soon discovered there are a multitude of tools and materials available to make my artistic dreams become realities.  I love using my technical background in order to understand the material properties of the medium with which I am working.  This allows me to control my work precisely in order to produce heirloom quality work.  It allows me to create work that can be cherished for years to come and to share my love for finding beauty in the simple, everyday things in life.  And it allows me to fulfill my greatest desire: to enrich the lives of others.