"First Sap Run" - SOLD

"Early Summer Walk" - SOLD

"A New England Wood" - SOLD

"The Summit"- SOLD

"Dixville Notch, NH" - SOLD

"Red Trilliums" - SOLD

"Kingfisher" - SOLD

Jack In the Pulpit

Spring Tulips

"Oriole vessel" - NFS

"The Night's Luna Moth" - SOLD

"Daylily and Damsel Fly" - SOLD

"Yellow Lady Slipper" - SOLD

"Firefly Farm" - SOLD

"Pileated Woodpecker" - SOLD

"Lake Solitude" - SOLD

"Carolyn's Flowers" - SOLD

"Ginkgo Leaves" - SOLD

"Silent Birches" - SOLD

"Poppies and Thistles"

Water lily - SOLD