The Sunflower

Post date: Jan 13, 2021 10:12:13 PM

The Sunflower

At the morn's dawning

The sun shoots out

Chasing night away,

Shooing darkness

Scattering doubt

Exposing secrets and decay.

A golden disc

Snaps to its path

For a slow



Seeking truth

Searching for love

Plumb with all that is good.

A thousand petals

of spontaneous praise -

A shout of adoration explodes!

Glory is given

And homage is paid

Until the close of day.

And in faith the disc

shifts back again

In faith it turns back east

In faith it waits

In faith it hopes

For the surety of an encore.

Oh to be

like that in faith -

In truth and love and joy -

To be unfettered

Of all that is wrong

And only goodness employ.